Watercolours were often thought of as a prerequisite study sketch before a much bigger oil painting took place. But they are, thankfully, a category within their own right. The Chinese were the original  masters of using this very precise delicate way of applying paint. For it to flow and work properly a sequence of layers are built up to a harmonious range of iridescent colour combinations with deft  brush marks to create and image that is interesting and captivating. A good watercolour should always look fresh and spontaneous and that is where the skill is duly noted.

Seeing the sand and sea amongst the high mountainous background of Cyprus, encouraged a paintng. Caro Ward 2019
To see this character in a windy field, reminded me how well insulated they are!
A recent holiday to visit friends I spied a lemon tree..just waiting to be turned into a painting
Autumn Tree in Shepley / Watercolour on Rough Paper / 38cm x 30 cm / £250
Anderlucian. Watercolour on Paper