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Submission to The Bowes Museum.

A while back a competition came to my attention. The theme was about Regeneration. The idea was to provide a piece of art work that is representative to the subject of Regeneration. I put on my thinking cap and came up with nothing at all. The thoughts of spring turning to summer as an idea came to mind, but it didn’t have the bite I was looking for. For once my faithful horse subjects were a bit quiet in my mind. The competition floated away from my mind until I looked at a painting I did in lockdown. The painting came about because I took up gardening. I turned a piece of grass into a colourful boarder with plants I had grown from seed. It was a joy to watch them bloom and know I was their creator

Picture of my painting

Anyway….time progressed and I began to see the old frame that was 200 years old and had belonged to my Grandmother who I hardly knew as she was very old and I was very young when she died. The frame was given to me by my mother and I matched that to my painting.

The decision to enter it into The Bowes Regelation competitions was made. The regeneration theme came from my link with an ancestor who played a significant part of my life but I didn’t get the chance to know her well….

The Title?

Sustaining the Bees

After my initial thoughts of gardening and the frame, the subject of the painting had to ultimately be about our precious eco system. My flowers were an attraction to something so more important than just a painting. The bees indulged themselves and feasted on the nectar and found nourishment.

So ultimately, my entry into this competition was a big thing for me. It gave me a good opportunity to look at things a bit differently. In all my time as an artist I can’t say that fortune has favoured my attempts to advance my profile, but hopefully the selectors will see something I have to offer and luck will be on my side.

Job done