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Sketch Book Diaries

A few words on how to keep painting when not confined to the studio.This is something I have done for years and it doesn’t have to be your signature subject. Looking at the way colour interacts and seeing light, tone and composition are my really what I am painting, but it just happens to be a pleasant view from – North Shore Bay in Scarborough, in North Yorkshire.

Keeping a visual journal is something that you can refer back to in years to come.

Find a spot that is comfortable for you and give yourself between 10 & 15 mins to capture the scene that is in front of you.I take a handy pack of brushes, a small palette of core colours, and use both pages of a watercolour sketch book that is hard backed.

It’s loose, quick and full of reference for a much bigger painting if I so desired. For the moment it is just a sketch of the stunning blue green palette that gives so much colour and vibrancy

Having a little canine friend helps to stop you fussing over a painting as their attention span encourages you to hurry up!