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Short listed for an art competition!

‘If you don’t enter, you’ll never win’ is how the old adage goes. I keep on abiding by this principle and it never fails to let me down. However, in the art world there are so many great artists that it’s difficult to stand out. Then all of a sudden when a painting does get the nod, it’s a very unexpected surprise. My blue floral vase wasn’t that great (or so I thought) but other people saw it differently to me. That’s the beauty of art, once it’s out there it’s up to the wider world to decide. After seeing the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition I realised that only he saw the value in his own work. He is quoted as saying that one day his paintings will be worth more than the paint that was used. A lot of painters are like me, we keep on going because it’s what we are, not what we choose to be. 

My flowers blue