Oil paints have been around for hundreds of years and the nature of the paint has not changed very much within that time. The luscious viscosity applied with fne brushes, sometimes made from actual horse hair, gives a feeling of travelling across the surface of  a canvas as though it were silk. Personally it is the fragrance of the paint and its equally famous linseed oil that make up the heady aroma that is both therapy and art.

Conquistador Oil on Canvas Caro Ward 2020. £500 Available to purchase 51cm x 71 cm
Sunset Sky 2 Oil on Canvas Caro Ward2020 £500 Available to purchase 61 x 71 cm
Sunset Sky Oil on Canvas Caro Ward £500 Available to purchase 61cm x 71cm
Blur oil on Canvas 20 x 16" £500
Fresh Apples
Home Grown Apples Oil on Canvas 11" x 14" 2021 Caro Ward