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Breeze Like the Wind. !6 x 20" Oil on Canvas Board. Caro Ward 2022

A couple of horses for my latest commission

These two horses that are both full of life and character. I was commissioned to capture these two adorable creatures on convey them in oils for the sake of prosperity. As they live very close to me, I was able to see them in their own environment and meet their lovely owners who just made me so welcome with tea and cake. I could examine them with great interest and see how their personalities can be transcended into my creative process.
A few weeks later and after clearing a large backlog of work I indulged myself in making these paints come to life. I was so excited to get to work and I love my job. This is me!
A painting will outlive us all if it is taken care of and looked after. I always think about the longevity of such a thing. For the same price as a weekend away you can own something that is unique, as there isn’t another one in the world like it. As I am the only person who paint like I do. It’s also an investment, not only financially but in time. Things move on things never stay the same, but art remains. Paintings will carry with them the story of the moment they were conceived and give families the satisfaction of noting a moment in time.

If you have a horse, a dog or a favourite person who you would like to be immortalised in a painting please fill out my contact page on my website.

Caro x