You are currently viewing George Stubb’s Whistlejacket gets the thumbs up!

George Stubb’s Whistlejacket gets the thumbs up!

I love Whistlejacket. He was my starting point into art and the horse. He was painted for the Earl of Rockingham who resided at Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham. The big house has just opened up to the public where you can visit and see the Marble Room where Whistlejacket was on display along side the sister painting Scrub who is still in private ownership. Stubbs has so many fabulous paintings. I based my dissertation around his work and I learned so much

Whistlejacket was sold in 1997 to the National Gallery in London for £11 million. In 2007, Whistlejacket and Scrub was exhibited at the Leeds City Gallery which was a very rare treat for me! Kerry Harker was the curator who saw the importance of such a unique exhibition.


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