paintings by caro

Conquistador. Oil on Canvas 51cm x 71cm Caro Ward 2020 £500

Fine art that captures the true spirit of horses.  dogs.  landscapes. people. life. 

My journey has taken me on some remarkable adventures. Meeting famous equestrians and working for people who have owned wonderful equine companions. As a youngster, I always enjoyed painting and drawing my favourite subject… the horse. It wasn’t until much later in life that I was in a position to become a fully fledged artist.

Caro's most famous work.

Being an artist is a joy and a pleasure, and I love sharing my creativity with others. My work has been exhibited all around the UK but also in the USA. The most notable place my work has been featured is in New York at the prestigous Agora Gallery.

Agora Gallery New York

Cliffe House Shepley

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